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800049-001 KI04 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 17-G 15-AB 14-AB Series 17-g121w

800049-001 KI04 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 17-G 15-AB 14-AB Series 17-g121w

SKU: 744436409
NATNO battery Specification  

Battery type: Li-ion
Capacity: 38Wh / 2600mAh (Better than 2200mAh) --- 4-cell
Voltage: 14.8 V(Compatible with 14.4V and 14.6V)
100% Brand NEW replacement / CE,FCC,RoHS Certified for Safety
30 Days Money Back or Free Exchange Guarantee,12 Months Warranty by NATNO

Note:Not for all HP Pavilion 17 Series model.Please check your battery model and shape carefully before order.

Compatible Laptop Models:
HP Pavilion 14 Series:
14-ab000, 14-ab100, 14t-ab000, 14t-ab100

HP Pavilion 15 Series:
15-ab000, 15-ab100, 15-ab200, 15-ab500, 15-ab038tx, 15-ab157nr, 15-ab292nr, 14-ab006tu,
15-ak000, 15-ak100ne, 15-ab000au 15-ab100tx, 15-an001tx, 15-an001la,15-an002tx, 15-an003tx,
15-an004tx,15-an050nr 15-an005tx, 15-an006tx, 15-an007tx, 15-an008tx, 15-an009tx, 15-an010tx

HP Pavilion 17 Series:
17-g000, 17-g000na, 17-g000nc, 17-g000nd, 17-g000nf, 17-g000nk, 17-g000nv,
17-g000ur, 17-g001na, 17-g001nf, 17-g001nk, 17-g001nu, 17-g002na, 17-g002nd,
17-g002nk, 17-g002no, 17-g002ns, 17-g003ng, 17-g003nk, 17-g003nm, 17-g003no,
17-g003ns, 17-g003nu, 17-g003ur, 17-g004nk, 17-g004no, 17-g004ur, 17-g020nr,
17-g020nz, 17-g020ur, 17-g021nf, 17-g021ur, 17-g022ur, 17-g023ng, 17-g024nd,
17-g024ng, 17-g024ur, 17-g025ds, 17-g025nd, 17-g026ds, 17-g026na, 17-g026ur,
17-g027ds, 17-g027ur, 17-g028ds, 17-g099nr ,17-g005na, 17-g054ur, 17-g056ur,
17-g057ur, 17-g061ur, 17-g062ur,17-g070ca, 17-g077cl, 17-g084ca, 17-g099nr, 17-g101au,
17-g101ax, 17-g102au, 17-g102ax ,17-g100, 17-g100na, 17-g121wm, 17-g122ds,
17-g119dx, 17-g113dx, 17-g102tx, 17-g103dx,17-g193ur, 17-g194ur, 17-g195ng,
17-g195ur, 17-g196ur, 17-g198ur, 17-g199nr
17t-g000; HP Pavilion 17t-g100; HP Pavilion 17z-g000; HP Pavilion 17z-g100

Compatible Part Numbers:
800050-001 800049-001 800010-421 800009-241 800009-421
KI04 K104 TPN-Q158 TPN-Q159 TPN-Q160 TPN-Q161 TPN-Q162 TPN-Q163

  • Safety Charging
    Grade A cell ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and reliability.

  • Tips for Battery
    For a new battery,you'd better try a few cycles of discharging to 5%,then charging up to 95%.
    Do not always run out of a battery to 0%,this would make it damaged or may not be charged fully.

  • How to Find a Correct Battery
    Please check your original battery model ,voltage and shape carefully before order.


Features: 2800mAh
Brand: NATNO
Manufacturer Part Number: KI04;K104;TPN-Q158;TPN-Q159;800050-001
Manufacturer: NATNO


Warranty information: 30 Days Money Back or Free Exchange Guarantee,12 Months Warranty by NATNOPlease be aware that the warranty terms on items offered for sale by third party Marketplace sellers may differ from those displayed in this section (if any). To confirm warranty terms on an item offered for sale by a third party Marketplace seller, please use the 'Contact seller' feature on the third party Marketplace seller's information page and request the item's warranty terms prior to purchase.

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