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919700-850 Laptop Battery for HP Spare 919701-850 JC03 JC04 15-BS000 15-BW000 1

919700-850 Laptop Battery for HP Spare 919701-850 JC03 JC04 15-BS000 15-BW000 1

SKU: 292807621

Replace Part Number:

JC03 JC03031 JC04 JC04041 919700-850 919701-850 919681-221 919682-221 919681-231 919682-231 919681-241 919682-241 919681-421 919682-121 919682-421 919682-422 919681-831 919682-131 919682-831 919682-141 HSTNN-LB7V HSTNN-LB7W HSTNN-DB8B HSTNN-DB8A HSTNN-DB8E HSTNN-H7BX HSTNN-DB8F HSTNN-L67N HSTNN-PB6Y HSTNN-HB7Y TPN-C129 TPN-C130 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q187 TPN-W129 TPN-W130 2LP34AA HQ-TRE 71025

Compatible Model:

Pavilion 14 Series:

14-BS000NG 14-BS000NP 14-BS000NQ 14-BS000NV 14-BS000UR 14-BS001NB 14-BS001NE 14-BS001NF 14-BS001NI 14-BS001NIA 14-BS001NK 14-BS001NO 14-BS001NP 14-BS001NX 14-BS001TU 14-BS001TX 14-BS001UR 14-BS002NE 14-BS002NF 14-BS002NG 14-BS002NH 14-BS002NL 14-BS002NO 14-BS002NS 14-BS002NX 14-BS002NY 14-BS153OD 14-BW012NR 14-BW065NR 14-BW014NF

Pavilion 15 Series:

15-BS008CY 15-BS010DS 15-BS011CY 15-BS013DX 15-BS015DX 15-BS016DX 15-BS020WM 15-BS023CY 15-BS033CL 15-BS038CL 15-BS038DX 15-BS051OD 15-BS053OD 15-BS058CA 15-BS060WM 15-BS061ST 15-BS062ST 15-BS065NR 15-BS070WM 15-BS076NR 15-BS077NR 15-BS078CL 15-BS080WM 15-BS095MS 15-BS113DX 15-BS115DX 15-BS131NR 15-BS132NR 15-BS158CL 15-BS168CL 15-BS188CL 15-BS192OD 15-BW008CL 15-BW010CA 15-BW010NR 15-BW011DX 15-BW012NR 15-BW017CL 15-BW027AU 15-BW028CA 15-BW030NR 15-BW032NR 15-BW032WM 15-BW033WM 15-BW035NR 15-BW036NR 15-BW040NR 15-BW053OD 15-BW070NR 15-BW071NR 15-BW072NR 15-BW073NR 15-BS000 15-BS013NR 15-BW000 15-BW53OD

Pavilion 17 Series:

17-AK004NG 17-AK007NA 17-AK012NR 17-AK015NG 17-BS011DX 17-BS019DX 17-BS039NF 17-BS049DX 17-BS051OD 17-BS061ST 17-BS067CL 17-BS106NM 17-BS106UR 17-BS107NG 17-BS108NG 17-BS109NG 17-BS110NG 17-BS128TX 17-BS129TX 17-BS130NG 17-BS131NG 17-BS135ND 17-BS150NZ 17-BS153CL 17-BS154NZ 17-BS170NG 17-BS191ND 17-BS501NG 

  • Battery type: Li-ion; Capacity: 2800mAh/41.6WH; Cells: 4-cell; Voltage: 14.8V.
  • Compatible Part Number: 919681-221 919682-121 919682-421 919682-831 919700-850 919701-850 HSTNN-DB8E HSTNN-H7BX HSTNN-L67N HSTNN- PB6Y 2LP34AA HSTNN-DB8E JC03 JC04 TPN-C129 TPN-C130 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q187 TPN-W129 TPN-W130
  • This laptop Battery works with HP 15-bs000 Series 15-bs168cl 15-bs010ds 15-bs013dx 15-bs060wm 15-bs192od 15-bs033cl 15-bs095ms 15- bs015dx 15-bs020wm 15-bs016dx 15-bs038dx 15-bs078cl 15-bs060wm 15-bs013nr 15-bs077nr 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms 15-bs080wm 15-bs053od 15-bs131nr 15-bs023cy 15-bs016dx 15-bs038cl 15-bs058ca 15-bs065nr 15-bs091ms 15-bs091ms 15-bs132nr 15-bs008cy 15-bs011cy 15- bs132nr;HP 15-bw000 Series 15-bw010nr 15-bw032wm 15-bw033wm 15-bw011dx 15-bw070nr 15-bw028ca 15-bw036nr 15-bw05
  • 100% New Manufacturer,factory direct supply and best price, New replacement works perfectly, Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption;Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.
  • FACTORY SALE: Huajiang Tech has our own factory so we can control strictly during production. There’re professional engineers to ensure products’ quality and safety. Our mission is quality and customer first. Every one of our replacement laptop batteries are tested to meet OEM specifications.
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT: 6-Months Warranty, 30 days money back guarantee. Free exchange for any quality problems. 24 x 5 email support. Great before and after sales services. Please contact us if you have any problems for our items. Buy with confidence!


Features: HP 919700-850 Battery
Brand: Huajiang Tech
Manufacturer Part Number: TEHP82
Manufacturer: Lewe


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