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Extended Life Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery for HP Pavilion 807956-001 HS

Extended Life Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery for HP Pavilion 807956-001 HS

SKU: 800284918
  • Condition:Brand New Replacement Battery
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.6V (Compatible with 14.4V/14.8V)
  • Capacity: 2600mAh/38Wh(Better Than 2200mAh)
  • Cell:4-Cells
  • Fit Models: For HP 14-Y,15-F All Series.
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety,Built-in MicroChip offer Multi-Protections
  • Ship from New York, made by professional factory directly
  • Warranty:30 days money back guarantee,12 Months Replacement warranty by ZMOON INC

*Compatible Part Number:

HS03, HS03031-CL, HS04, HS04041, HS04041-CL



TPN-I119, TPN-I120

807611-131, 807611-141, 807611-221, 807611-241, 807611-251

807611-421, 807611-831, 807612-131, 807612-141, 807612-221

807612-241, 807612-251, 807612-421, 807612-422, 807612-831

807956-001, 807957-001, 843532-851, 843533-851

*Fits Laptop Models:

HP 240 G4 Series
HP 245 G4 Series
HP 246 G4 Series
HP 250 G4 Series
HP 255 G4 Series
HP 256 G4 Series
HP Notebook 14/14g Series
HP Notebook 15/15g Series

HP Pavilion 14 Series:
14-ac000 series
14-ac072TU, 14-ac073TU, 14-ac074TU, 14-ac080no, 14-ac100, 14-ac100na
14-ac100nd, 14-ac100ne, 14-ac100nia, 14-ac100nl, 14-ac100nv, 14-ac100nx
14-ac100ur, 14-ac101la, 14-ac101na, 14-ac101ne, 14-ac101nf, 14-ac101ng

14-af000 series
14-af001AU, 14-af100AU, 14-af117AU, 14-af117la
14-af118AU, 14-af119AU, 14-af120AU, 14-af121AU, 14-AF180NR

14g-ad000 series
14g-ad001TU, 14g-ad002TX, 14g-ad003TX, 14g-ad007TX, 14g-ad100

14q 14q-aj000 series
14q-aj001TX, 14q-aj002TX, 14q-aj003TX
14q-aj100, 14q-aj101TX, 14q-aj102TX, 14q-aj103TX
14q-aj104TX, 14q-aj105TX

14T-AC000 series
14Z-AF000 series
HP Pavilion 15 series:
15-ac097TU, 15-ac097ur, 15-ac098nia, 15-ac098nx, 15-ac098TU, 15-ac098ur
15-ac099nia, 15-ac099TU, 15-ac099ur, 15-ac100, 15-ac100nd, 15-ac100nf
15-ac100ni, 15-ac100nia, 15-ac121dx, 15-ac198TU, 15-ac198TX, 15-ac199ne
15-ac199nia, 15-ac199TU, 15-ac199TX, 15-ac199ur, 15-ac500, 15-ac501TU
15-ac502TU, 15-ac503TU, 15-ac504TU, 15-ac505TU, 15-ac506TU, 15-ac600
15-ac600ur, 15-ac601TU, 15-ac601TX, 15-ac602TU, 15-ac602TX, 15-ac603TU
15-ac603TX, 15-ac604TU, 15-ac604TX, 15-ac605TU, 15-ac606TU, 15-ac607TU
15-ac608TU, 15-af075N, 15-af087nw, 15-af091ng, 15-af093ng, 15-af100
15-af100na, 15-af100nc, 15-af100nf, 15-af100nia, 15-af131dx, 15-AY068ca
15-AY160TX, 15-AY160TX, 15-AY161TX, 15-AY162TX, 15-AY163NR, 15-AY163TX
15-AY164TX, 15-AY165TX, 15-AY166TX, 15-AY167NA, 15-AY167SA, 15-AY167TX
15-AY168NA, 15-AY168SA, 15-AY168TX, 15-AY169NR, 15-AY169TX

15g 15g-ad000
15g-ad001TX, 15g-ad002TX, 15g-ad003TX, 15g-ad004TX, 15g-ad005TX
15g-ad006TX, 15g-ad007TX, 15g-ad100, 15g-ad101TX, 15g-ad102TX, 15g-ad103TX
15g-ad104TX, 15g-ad105TX, 15g-ad106TX, 15g-ad107TX, 15g-ad108TX
15g-ad109TX, 15g-ad110TX

15q 15q-aj000
15q-aj001TX, 15q-aj002TX, 15q-aj003TX, 15q-aj004TX, 15q-aj005TX, 15q-aj006TX
15q-aj100, 15q-aj101TX, 15q-aj102TX, 15q-aj103TX, 15q-aj104TX, 15q-aj105TX
15q-aj107TX, 15q-aj108TX, 15q-aj109TX, 15q-aj110TX, 15q-aj111TX

15T-AC000 series
15T-AC100 series
15Z-AF000 series

Note: Our compatible list is not complete,if your laptop model is not in it, please contact us

  • ZMOON Extended Life Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery for HP Pavilion 807956-001 HS03 HS04 15-af0XX 15g-ad0XX HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-IB6L 15-af131dx 15-af112nr 15-af093ng 15-af127ca 15-af087nw
  • Grade A Battery Cell|LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE|INR18650-25R SAMSUNG|slie Premium MicroChip|CE CE, FCC/RoHs certified|Multi-Protection|1 Year Warranty


Brand: Zmoon
Manufacturer Part Number: HS03/HS04
Manufacturer: ZMOON


Warranty information: 1 Year WarrantyPlease be aware that the warranty terms on items offered for sale by third party Marketplace sellers may differ from those displayed in this section (if any). To confirm warranty terms on an item offered for sale by a third party Marketplace seller, please use the 'Contact seller' feature on the third party Marketplace seller's information page and request the item's warranty terms prior to purchase.

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