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KI04 2600mAh Laptop Battery for HP ENVY 17 17-s017cl 17-s143cl; HP Pavilion 14-

KI04 2600mAh Laptop Battery for HP ENVY 17 17-s017cl 17-s143cl; HP Pavilion 14-

SKU: 891311657-1
About EBK
EBK have registered a U.S. Trademark and the serial number is 87368316; EBK offers diverse consumer tech solutions including batteries and adapters charger. Our products have passed CE, ROHS certifications; We have our own warehouse in NY and factory in China; if You Do Not Like our Product or Don't Want It For Any Reason, We Will Happily Accept The Return and Give You Your Money Back. (Money Back Guarantee, 6 Month Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee).

*EBK Product Description
  • Condition: 100% New replacement
  • Voltage:14.8V
  • 14.8V and 14.4V are in common use
  • Capacity:2600mAh
  • Cell Qty: 4
  • Cell material: Li-ion
  • Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery quality cell in side
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety,8-hr x 5-weekday,24 x 7 email support
  • Warranty: 12 Months,Full Range of Service,Quality responsible by EBK

  • *Compatible Part Number:

    *Fits Computer Models:
    HP ENVY 17:

    HP Pavilion 14-ab000:
    14-ab011TX, 14-ab012TX, 14-ab013TX, 14-ab005TU, 14-ab006TU
    14T-AB000, 14T-AB100, 14t-ab000

    HP Pavilion 15-ab000:
    15-ab038TX, 15-ab024NE, 15-ab072TX,
    15-ab037TX, 15-ab010AX, 15-ab038TU,
    15-ab017TU, 15-ab016TU, 15-ab036TX
    15-ab000au, 15-ab100TX, 15-ab018TU, 15-ab039TX,
    15-an001TX, 15-an001la, 15-an002TX, 15-an003TX,
    15-an004TX, 15-an005TX, 15-an006TX, 15-an007TX,
    15-an009TX, 15-an010TX, 15-an008TX, 15-AK000,
    15T-AB000, 15T-AB100, 15T-AK000, 15Z-AB00, 15-AK100NE
    15Z-AB100, 15t-ab000, 15z-ab000, 15-AB100, 15-AB200, 15-AB500

    HP Pavilion 17-g000:
    17-g001NA, 17-g002NA, 17-g008NA, 17-g010NA,
    17-g011NA, 17-g015NA, 17-g016NA, 17-g017NA, 17-g100NI
    17-G000NA, 17-G000NC, 17-G000ND, 17-G000NF, 17-G000NK, 17-G000NV,
    17-G000UR, 17-G001NA, 17-G001NF, 17-G001NK, 17-G001NU, 17-G002NA,
    17-G002ND, 17-G002NK, 17-G002NO, 17-G002NS, 17-G003NG, 17-G003NK,
    17-G003NM, 17-G003NO, 17-G003NS, 17-G003NU, 17-G003UR, 17-G004NK,
    17-G004NO, 17-G004UR, 17-G020NR, 17-G020NZ, 17-G020UR, 17-G021NF,
    17-G021UR, 17-G022UR, 17-G023NG, 17-G024ND, 17-G024NG, 17-G024UR,
    17-G025DS, 17-G025ND, 17-G026DS, 17-G026NA, 17-G026UR, 17-G027DS,
    17-G027UR, 17-G028DS, 17-G099NR, 17-G100, 17-G100NA, 17-G193UR,
    17-G194UR, 17-G195NG, 17-G195UR, 17-G196UR, 17-G198UR, 17-G199NR,
    17-g005na, 17-g054ur, 17-g056ur, 17-g057ur, 17-g061ur, 17-g062ur,
    17-g070ca, 17-g077cl, 17-g084ca, 17-g099nr, 17-g101AU, 17-g101AX,
    17-g102AU, 17-g102AX, 17T-G000, 17T-G100, 17Z-G000, 17Z-G100, 17t-g000, 17z-g000

    HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook - 15-ak000nia (ENERGY STAR) (K3E42EA)
    HP Pavilion Notebook
    15-ab000nia (M9E97EA)
    15-ab001nia (M9E98EA)
    15-ab002nia (M9F00EA)
    15-ab003nia (M9F02EA)
    15-ab011nia (M2Z02EA)
    15-ab012nia (M2Z03EA)
    15-ab017na (M4A68EA)
    15-ab018na (M4A69EA)
    15-ab019na (Touch) (N1M04EA)
    15-ab033nia (M9H50EA)
    15-ab034nia (Touch) (M9H51EA)
    15-ab042na (N2J58EA)
    15-ab047na (N2J59EA)
    15-ab049na (N2J60EA)
    15-ab050nia (M9F08EA)
    15-ab108nia (P3Z31EA)
    15-ab200ni (P4G33EA)
    15-ab201ni (P4G34EA)
    15-ab209nia (K3E77EA)
    15-ab210nia (K3E75EA)
    15-ab296np (Touch) (T1N11EA)
    15-ab297np (Touch) (T1N12EA)
    HP Pavilion Notebook
    17-g001na (M3Z14EA)
    17-g002na (M3Z15EA)
    17-g008na (M3Z23EA)
    17-g010na (M3Z25EA)
    17-g011na (M3Z26EA)
    17-g015na (N2K66EA)
    17-g016na (N3V92EA)
    17-g017na (N3V93EA)
    17-g100ni (P4G71EA)

    Note: Our compatible list is not complete, if your laptop model is not in it please contact us

  • * Same exact fitment as your OEM batery


Brand: EBKK
Manufacturer: EBK
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.90 x 4.20 x 2.00 Inches


Warranty information: 12 Months,Full Range of Service,Quality responsible by EBKPlease be aware that the warranty terms on items offered for sale by third party Marketplace sellers may differ from those displayed in this section (if any). To confirm warranty terms on an item offered for sale by a third party Marketplace seller, please use the 'Contact seller' feature on the third party Marketplace seller's information page and request the item's warranty terms prior to purchase.

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