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PO02XL 823908-1C1 Laptop Battery for HP Stream 11-R 11-R014WM 824560-005(7.6V 3

PO02XL 823908-1C1 Laptop Battery for HP Stream 11-R 11-R014WM 824560-005(7.6V 3

SKU: 1007049785


Battery type:Li-ion

Voltage:7.6 V



recharge cycles:500

Operation time: Around 1-2.5hours


Compatible Part Numbers:

PO02XL 823908-1C1 823908-2C1 824560-005 HSTNN-DB7G HSTNN-IB7G.

Fit Laptop Machine Models (please use ctrl+f to search for your laptop model):

HP Stream 11 Pro G2 Series,

HP Stream 11 Pro G3 Series,

HP Stream 11 Pro G4 Series,

HP Stream 11 Pro G4 EE Series,

HP Stream 11 Pro G5 Series,

HP Stream 11-AH Series:

Stream 11-ah011wm Stream 11-ah012dx Stream 11-ah013wm Stream 11-ah020nr Stream 11-ah055ns Stream 11-ah060ns Stream 11-ah100tu Stream 11-ah101tu Stream 11-ah102tu Stream 11-ah103tu Stream 11-ah104tu Stream 11-ah105tu Stream 11-ah106tu Stream 11-ah109dx Stream 11-ah110nr Stream 11-ah111dx Stream 11-ah111wm Stream 11-ah112dx Stream 11-ah112tu Stream 11-ah113tu Stream 11-ah113wm Stream 11-ah115tu Stream 11-ah117wm Stream 11-ah120nr Stream 11-ah120tu Stream 11-ah131nr Stream 11-ah161ms Stream Stream 11-ah010nr,

HP Stream 11-AK Series:

Stream 11-ak0001nf Stream 11-ak0001ng,

HP Stream 11-R Series:

Stream 11-R000NA Stream 11-R000ND Stream 11-R000NF Stream 11-R000NS Stream 11-R001NA Stream 11-R001TU Stream 11-R002LA Stream 11-R002TU Stream 11-R003NF Stream 11-R003TU Stream 11-R004TU Stream 11-R005NA Stream 11-R005TU Stream 11-R006TU Stream 11-R007TU Stream 11-R008TU Stream 11-R009TU Stream 11-R010CA Stream 11-R010NR Stream 11-R010TU Stream 11-R011CA Stream 11-R011TU Stream 11-R012TU Stream 11-R013TU Stream 11-R014TU Stream 11-R014WM Stream 11-R015TU Stream 11-r015wm Stream 11-R016TU Stream 11-R017TU ,

HP Stream 11-Y Series:

Stream 11-Y001LA Stream 11-Y001TU Stream 11-Y002NA Stream 11-Y002NA Stream 11-Y002TU Stream 11-Y003NA Stream 11-Y003TR Stream 11-Y003TU Stream 11-Y004TU Stream 11-Y005TU Stream 11-Y006NF Stream 11-Y006TU Stream 11-Y006UR Stream 11-Y007TU Stream 11-Y008TU Stream 11-Y009TU Stream 11-y010nr Stream 11-Y010TU Stream 11-Y010WM Stream 11-Y011TU Stream 11-Y012NR Stream 11-Y012TU Stream 11-Y013CA Stream 11-Y013TU.

  • 【Battery Type】Battery type:Li-ion ;Voltage:7.6V ;Capacity:37Wh 4868mAh;Cell:2Cells.
  • 【Compatible Part Number】PO02XL 823908-1C1 823908-2C1 824560-005 HSTNN-DB7G HSTNN-IB7G.
  • 【Compatible Model】 Replacement for HP Stream 11-R Series: 11-r010nr 11-r014wm 11-r015wm 11-r015wn, HP Stream 11-AH Series: 11-ah0xx 11-ah117wm, HP Stream 11-AK Series: 11-ak0010nr 11-ak0020nr 11-ak0030nr 11-ak0035nr 11-ak0040nr 11-ak0012dx 11-ak0013dx, HP Stream 11-Y Series: 11-y020wm, and fit for HP Stream 11 Pro G2/ Stream 11 Pro G3/ Stream 11 Pro G4/ Stream 11 Pro G5.
  • 【Durable, Safe And Reliable】All Huajiang Tech products are Certified by CE, FCC for safety. Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environment safety.
  • 【Satisfaction Service】6 months warranty, 30 Days money return guarantee. JUST BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! Friendly customer servise, provide you with a quality shopping experience.


Brand: Huajiang Tech
Manufacturer Part Number: BTJ10
Manufacturer: Huajiang Tech


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